Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is peroxide (sp?) good to remove blackheads?

NO WAY!!! shower with hot water so it opens your pores. Pop them in the mirror, than use a scrub to rise it off. After buy a mask and but it on so it closes your pores!Is peroxide (sp?) good to remove blackheads?
Some people say that it helps clear your skin up, but plain peroxide can also irritate your skin. In the long run, it actually can make the skin worse.Is peroxide (sp?) good to remove blackheads?
No! It will only dry out your face for make it worse.

Use Clean and Clear Blackhead scrub. It has worked well for me.

It's at any neighborhood grocery/drug store.

Glad you asked before you tried!
it is not good to remove blackheads! who told you that?

use the blackheads strips. they help a lot.
yeah it actually is i heard it bleaches them and makes them less noticeable

best answer? : ]
No I don't think so. But I know that Benzoyl Peroxide gets rid of pimples
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