Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to REALLY get rid of BLACKHEADS??

what did you do that REALLY helped you get rid of these ugly guys???

squeezing out does not clean them fully, strips don't help me at all.How to REALLY get rid of BLACKHEADS??
blackheads are clogged oils and dirt.. a normal facial wash can't remove them, you have to exfoliate them.. if you're outdoors a lot, this contributes to the accumulation of external impurities..

use at. ives apricot scrub and gently scrub entire face ONCE a week.. this will exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells and dirt that clog your pores and cause the blemishes/blackhead/whiteheads.. gradually, your skin will clear up.How to REALLY get rid of BLACKHEADS??
use ground raddish seed, make it into a fine paste by adding water. apply on area with blackheads
wash your face..
Use a scrub with warm water and follow up by using cotton wool to squeeze it out.
Lots of washing and then one of many OTC creams. That worked for me, ok, so-so worked for me.
Try a microdermabrasion set by Mary Kay. MK also has an awesome acne gel. You can find a consultant online in your area. The best part is that if you try it and don't like it you can return it for your money back or an exchange, no matter how much you use. It really does work! Good luck.
Use a drying facial mask, i use an avon one but store bought ones from Farmers and Body shop are good too, They draw out alot of the oil and in turn the dirt in pores which cause blackheads, also good to steam your face to open pores prior!!
i truly understand your agony b'cos blackheads have always haunt me since my teens!! i chance upon this website and it works for me! Use John Master's Linden Blossom Face cream cleanser which can be left on face for 5 mins (it actually moisturizes the skin in this time). i guess other cleansers will do but not that many can be left on face without causing other this time, the black heads really soften and makes it much easier to squeeze. you can give this method a try.
wash your face regularly with water or you can use veet

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