Monday, December 14, 2009

Can dog nipples have blackheads? what's this black stuff?!!?

Recently I have noticed little black points in my dog's nipples (the nipples are pink). When you squeeze these black stuff they actually come out (though sometimes the dog looks like it hurts if u put too much pressure)

Is it dirtiness? She is a 5 y/o inside dog, so that's not probable.

They are so gross! Help me make her not have that stuff!Can dog nipples have blackheads? what's this black stuff?!!?
actually, dogs can get blackheads.. hairless dogs are prone to acne and blackheads.

The best thing for it is to NOT PICK! Picking at them is not only painful, but can irritate the skin and make breakouts worse. You can even cause the skin to break out in a staph infection if you irritate it and she has the bacteria on her skin.

Diet can affect the skin.. you may want to first assess what you are feeding your dog. You can clean the area every few days with a mild dog shampoo too to help keep the skin clean to prevent acne.. they do sell benzoil peroxide shampoo at the vets, but its very drying to the skin.

Honestly, if you think its blackheads, a ';less is more'; approach is probably best.. a good diet, regular grooming, and mild, but conditioning dog shampoo works best to keep skin in good shape... otherwise LEAVE IT ALONE! You're doing more harm to your dog by picking and squeezing. The blackheads are not dangerous or causing her any problems.. it bothers you more than it bothers her!Can dog nipples have blackheads? what's this black stuff?!!?
Just like any person's skin can get blackheads, so can your dog's skin.

It doesn't matter if you have an inside or outside dog, how regularly they are groomed, etc.

I have a 7 y/o APBT and she is also an inside dog.

I wouldn't go around squeezing them and getting them out. Just leave them, or you may risk infection. It doesn't bother your dog.
It is normal. Do not squeeze the dogs nipples. It is painful, and can cause infection. Which would explain stuff coming out. If you are concerned-show the vet.
That is so disgusting - why do you have to share something like that? To even notice is a little warped, but broadcasting it is revolting. Take it to a vet or call one for sh*t's sake.
Its dirt, you can pick it out if it bugs you.
Could be excess body oil that collects tiny particles of dirt, like blackheads are.
Why are you squeezing your dogs nipples?

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