Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Help with blackheads?

Ok I have had blackheads for about 4 years now and i am sick of them! are there any home remedies that work that i could use? they r mainly on my nose and a few between my eyebrows

i dont really touch my face that often i mean i try and get rid of a few every now and then but thats pretty much it...

ok thanks :]Help with blackheads?
Look for a very mild facial product with Glycolic Acid. Glycolic acid can be hard on the skin, so find the lowest percentage you can. It actually softens the dried sebum and allows the blackheads to be removed. It can cause redness and irritation, so proceed with caution.

NeoStrata makes some good products. Ask the girl at the cosmetics counter for some help in selecting the right product from their line.Help with blackheads?
steam the face and get a towel and start squeezing, then steam face again and massage the skin... circular motions...

also.. drink water.. stop eating crap... no more dairy no more processed foods in general.. least try to cut down on that...

more fresh foods.. IE: veggies and fruits that aren't processed... not frozen, not canned but straight from the garden or the produce section.

and SWEAT! steaming is one way to sweat it out.. it removes toxins from not just the inside but out also.

and squeeze those hummers out and see if the pores can't retract and heal.

there's also blackhead removers you can get at cvs and ebay.. they're made of metal and you use it along your face by pressing against the blackhead and gently dragging the tool away from the pore using gentle pressure...

then cleanse the face, with gentle cleaners (like noxema) and let the face dry openly without adding any moisturizers or creams to the face.. until at least the face heals up and you see how your skin is going to react.

this is what one type of blackhead removers look like:

you should try a tca chemical peel this really worked for me you should try it, i recommend it here's a link to the website where i order products from http://www.beautyscientific.com/ they also have very effective acne product mostly peels and skin bleaching products
Try those strip thingys form Biore... They seem 2 solve the problem for me.... or that black head eraser my cousin says that works good....
well, you could fix your diet in order to prevent them. but to get rid of most of them, use a blackhead peel like this one from biore: http://pics.drugstore.com/prodimg/92371/鈥?/a> that you can get from walmart or other drugstores.

They work great! I used it and it gets the blackheads from the deepest part of it. Be sure to follow the directions though.

Good luck.
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