Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Steaming Blackheads?

I've recently started to steam my face cause of blackheads but everytime I do it my face tingles..is that suppose to happen?Steaming Blackheads?
Yes, the face will often tingle because the steam opens up the pores. It's normal and you should only do it about once a week.Steaming Blackheads?
yea ur pores are opening up
When you steam your face the capillaries open and blood rushes in . . .. that's why your face gets red. A slight tingle is normal. However, you need to be certain you aren't scalding your face . . . use either an approved appliance, or tap hot water only.
yeah thats the reaction for most people
yeah that means your pores are opeing.
mhmm, i think so, it happens to my face too.
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